My Joys and Struggles

Thursday, August 25, 2011

What am I supposed to do?

What am I supposed to do when I need time to be alone but I don't have anywhere to go? I mean seriously, I dont have any friends to talk to, no one else that I care to know the whole story, and no space that can be closed off so that I can be alone. I am overly emotional, because I HATE living with my parents- frankly they suck to be this close together. They are fine really whenever I needed someone to take Kaitlynn, they are more than willing, and fine to have the occassional dinner with but dang living with them is destroying everything. The biggest and only problem is Kaitlynn is my daughter and I say what goes, what is acceptable to be around her, and what discipline and rules are used. I have no where else to go, but I just can't seem to make the best of this place. I cry so often now and it sucks. So here I am writing out any amount of frustration I can but really it wont help much at all. I just want to be on my own again with my family. My husband has been wonderful throughout all of this thankfully!

I am lucky that I have been able to stick with my diet because usually by now I would be knee deep in ice cream, chocolate, anything sweet! So, on that note, so far so good. Right now, other than my wonderful husband and gorgeous daughter, I hate life. But of course that just makes me feel like a terrible wife and mother. Life would be so much easier if we had our own place.