My Joys and Struggles

Thursday, August 25, 2011

My 60 day Challenge.

So here are my challenges for 60 days, starting this saturday. I am excited to accomplish this. Don't forget if you want too, please join me on your own 30+ day challenge. ☺♥

1.      Current Relationship status, if single discuss being single

2.      15 interesting facts about yourself.

3.      Where would you like to be in 10 years?

4.      Top 5 pet peeves.

5.      Views on religion.

6.      Favorite comfort foods and why?

7.      What is your zodiac sign and do you think it fits you?

8.      Favorite childhood toys.

9.      A photo of something that means the most to you.

10.  Highs and Lows of the last year.

11.  Favorite book.

12.  Something that you miss. Why?

13.  What is your stance on the importance of education?

14.  Favorite tv shows.

15.  How have you changed in the last 2 years?

16.  What is something that you don’t leave the house without?

17.  Favorite movie. Why?

18.  Someone who inspires you and why?

19.  How would you spend a million dollars?

20.  Biggest regret in life. Why do you feel this way?

21.  10 people you want to invite to dinner, dead or alive, and what would you serve?

22.  What are you nicknames? How did you get them?

23.  What is your favorite holiday and why?

24.  Weird things you do when you are alone

25.  A date you would love to go.

26.  Something that never fails to make you feel better.

27.  Talk about your siblings.

28.  Talk about your piercings or tattoos, if you have any.

29.  Favorite color.

30.  Tell us about your hobbies.

31.  Your favorite subject in high school. Why?

32.  A moment you felt most satisfied with your life.

33.  If you could have any job what would it be?

34.  What are your guilty pleasures?

35.  Top 10 favorite songs.

36.  Bullet your whole day.

37.  Some where you would like to move or visit. Why?

38.  What is your earliest memory?

39.  5 things you like about yourself.

40.  If you could go to Target right now and buy 5 things, what would you buy?

41.  What are your favorite quotes?

42.  What are you most grateful for? Why?

43.  What is something you are afraid of?

44.  What is one thing you cannot live without?

45.  You are being given 3 wishes, what are they?

46.  What is one thing you do on a daily basis?

47.  Talk about your children. If you don’t have any, do you want children?

48.  List your biggest fears.

49.  A picture of yourself.

50.  Describe the worst thing to happen to you.

51.  Write a thank you to someone.

52.  What does you ideal life look like?

53.  Favorite thing to do with your family.

54.  Its midnight and your hungry, what are you reaching for?

55.  What is the best thing about Christmas?

56.  Favorite season.

57.  What does your child(ren) do that just makes your whole day?

58.  How are you feeling today?

59.  Look to your immediate left, what is there?

60.  One of your favorite recipes.