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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Day Five Blog Challenge (a day late.. shame on me)

Views on Religion.

I, myself, am christian. I do not claim, at laest try to since I am not a practicing christian, any denomination. I was baptised twice. As a baby I was baptised Catholic and at 4 years old I was baptised Lutheran.

I don't really have a big view on religion. I don't care who you worship, if its one or many. I don't care how you pray or what your rituals are. As long as you are happy and are a good person with good morals that is all that matters. I do however have annoyances with religions, as least with those that I have come into contact with. Here is St. Paul, MN we have missionaries who ride around on their bikes and try to talk to you and give you a bible- they don't however leave you alone when you ask them to. I have had Jehovah's Witnesses knock on my door and I end up having to just shut the door because they do not seem to understand when I am NOT interested. And Catholic, especially orthodox, is too much for me. They just seem to dictate too much for my liking.

Please, do not take any of this the wrong way. I am not trying to generalize, I know not everyone/church practice the same way. My views are solely on those that I have come in contact with. Regardless of my annoyances, I am glad that people have something/one to believe and that they are passionate about it. I think its good for people to have something/one to believe in, whatever that may be.